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CME On Diabetes & Heart Disease

The event witnessed the presence of internationally acclaimed cardiologist Professor Dr Avijit Lahiri, MBBS, MSc, MRCP, FACC, FESC.

Dr Abhay Khode, visiting Cardiologist at CDI, addressed the subject 'Diabetes and Heart Failure' in a session chaired by Dr (Col) K J Singh. "With diabetes there is 15 to 25% of Heart Failure," stated Dr Khode, citing various studies and statistics linking the two. He presented an overview of the pathophysiology of diabetes and heart disease along with some preventive and curative measures to minimize the risk.


Dr Vedavati Purandare, consulting physician at CDI spoke on a class of anti-diabetes medication called Gliptins. The session titled 'Gliptin- When and how to use' was chaired by Dr Col M K Garg. Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4) is an important enzyme for glucose metabolism and inhibiting DPP4 function helps control glucose levels in diabetes. Dr Purandare took the audience through a brief history of anti-diabetes medication, development of gliptins and their function, as well as their benefits vis-a vis any possible side effects.

The final session on 'Diabetes and Heart Disease - the new scourge of the world' was chaired by Dr Shetkar and the presentation was delivered by Dr Avijit Lahiri. "A patient with diabetes and no history of heart disease is as much at risk for a heart attack as someone without diabetes who has already had an attack," he mentioned, comparing facts and figures on heart disease in various ethnic groups around the world. He shared his own experiences and research updates on the subject with the gathered group of medical practitioners and cardiologists.

With the approval of Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), Mumbai one credit hour was rewarded to all the attending delegates.