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CME On Diabetic Foot

The lecture was delivered by Dr Vickie R Driver a renowned US Surgeon from the Boston University Medical Center. She spoke on the advances in wound healing & limb preservation.

With the audience comprising consultants practicing medicine and surgery from various Pune hospitals, Dr Driver shared case studies, reports and insights from her extensive experience in medical practice & foot surgery over the hour-long session.

Diabetic foot is one of the more serious complications of Diabetes, more so because foot care is often overlooked by patients and their caretakers. At its worst, unchecked infection of the foot can lead to gangrene and the need for amputation. Dr Driver emphasized the need for a holistic and team approach in Diabetes care so that such extreme measures can be avoided, and patients do not have to lose their mobility and the ability to work.

Program conclude with a vote of thaks by CEO & Director of the institute- Mr. Sushil C. Seth and Chief Medical Director – Dr. (Col.) Mrinal K. Mandal .