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Dialysis refers to a treatment that performs some of the same things done by healthy kidneys. It is needed when your own kidneys can no longer take care of your body's needs.
We at Chellaram Diabetes Hospital have incorporated the facility of haemodialysis for the patients with ESRD requiring regular dialysis. Some of the features of our unit to highlight.

      • We have spacious 7 bedded dialysis center which includes one private bed.
      • We take special care to prevent any transmission of blood borne viral diseases like hepatitis b , hepatitis c and HIV.
      • Each dialysis bed has a television that you can watch with personal headphones
      • Our unit is equipped with Fresenius dialysis machines (Fresenius 4008S NG) and a fresinius RO (MX ECO II - Online) plant which ensures safety and quality of RO water.
      • The center is managed by senior nephrologists who conduct regular opds and also senior intensivist who monitors regular dialysis.
      • Our motto is to ensure safe and effective dialysis.

Some Q And A’S

1Q). what should I bring with me?
1A) Tea, coffee, toast or biscuits are available, but we strongly recommend that you bring a packed lunch or snack with you. It can be a long day and it may mean you miss mealtimes. You may also want to bring a book or magazine to pass the time

2Q) Will I dialyze at the same time each session?
2A) the units run on an allocated appointment system, with several time slots throughout the day. You will usually dialyse for 4 - 5 hours, although this can vary for each person. We will try to give you an appointment time that meets your needs.

3Q) what can I do during dialysis?
3A) Each dialysis bed has a television that you can watch with personal headphones. Also u can carry your own magazines and any other reading material

4Q) Will I need to have blood test?
4A) All patients undergoing dialysis for the first time at our center will undergo screening test for viral markers and other biochemical test. Subsequently later test would be done to monitor effectiveness of dialysis.