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Name Qualification
Dr. A G Unnikrishnan MBBS, Md, DM, DNB (Medicine & Endocrinology)
Dr. Anjali Bhatt MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Diabetes, Diploma and Msc (Endocrinology)

Does anyone you know have an Endocrine Problem?

It is important for the general public to know that hormonal disorders and imbalances of the body’s fuel stores and minerals, including diabetes mellitus are to be treated by qualified endocrinologists. The table below lists the clues that a person could need an endocrinology consultation.

As we enter the new millennium, medical science has become more and more specialized. Endocrinology is arguably the most rapidly developing superspeciality, and offers medical treatment for diseases ranging from growth and sexual problems to tumors and life threatening catastrophes. It is the duty of every individual to be aware of endocrine disorders, as they are remarkably responsive to treatment. In addition, there is hope that many endocrine disorders can now be prevented. Greater patient awareness and better availability of endocrinologists will go a long way in reducing the burden of endocrine disease in the Indian subcontinent.

Clues to an underlying endocrine problem.

In adults and children In children and adolescents only
Diabetes Mellitus Poor growth
Weight gain Poor sexual development
Weight loss Falling academic performance
Dark skin Weight gain
Neck swelling (Thyroid) Mental retardation
Unexplained low blood pressure Early onset of menses
Persistent high blood pressure Early growth of body hair
Irregular periods Obesity
Excess face/body hair in females Failure to attain menses
Fractures with mild/no injury Bone deformities
Excess milk from breast Abnormal body appearance
Breast growth in male Eunuchoid appearance of genitals