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Laboratory Set Up

The Chellaram Diabetes Institute has appx 4500 sq ft area designated specifically for research activities. Research laboratory is located at the heart of the complete laboratory set up of CDI. The research area is furnished with 5 peninsular tables having ample space for 20 personnel to work at a time. The Research laboratory has inter-alia following equipments:

  • Chemi Doc system- Syngene
  • Gradient Thermal cycler- Applied Biosystems
  • ELISA Reader- Biorad
  • ELISA washer- Biorad
  • -80 degree deep freezer- 2 Nos- Skadi
  • -20 degree deep freezers- Vestfrost
  • Analytical balance- Mettler Toledo
  • pH meter- Mettler Toledo
  • Spin centrifuge- Genaxy
  • Bio-safety cabinets- 2Nos.- Microfilt
  • Cobas c111 bio-analyzer- Roche
  • Fume hoods- 2Nos.- Godrej
  • Inverted phase contrast microscope- Nikon
  • Vortex- Tarsons
  • Horizontal Electrophoresis units- Scie-Plas
  • Refrigerated centrifuge- Eppendorf
  • Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer- Invitrogen
  • Non- refrigerated Centrifuge- LW Scientific
  • Micropipettes- variable volumes- Thermo Scientific & Eppendorf
  • Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate- Tarsons
  • 2-8 degree refrigerator- Celfrost
  • Hot Air oven-Biotechnics
  • Temperature data logger- Sunpro
  • Microwave oven- Samsung
  • Incubator-
  • Water bath with time & temperature control