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Research Projects

The following research projects are in the pipeline at the institute.

Pune Diabetes Program
Study of glucose metabolism in Indian subjects with pre-diabetes
Role of Metformin in Pre-diabetic Patients with Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) – A Retrospective Audit
And other projects too

Pune Diabetes Program

The Chellaram Diabetes Institute has launched an ambitious Outreach Program in Sept 2012. Under this programme a specially designed well-equipped mobile Clinic with trained medical staff consisting of Doctor/Para Medics/Administrative Assistant/Social Worker visit villages of Pune District & conduct Diabetes screening. The program provides the villagers the basic diagnosis, education, awareness, treatment etc., all free of cost. The objectives of the study are to know the incidence and prevalence of Pre Diabetes, Diabetes and its associated complication in the rural population and to store the population samples for future genetic, epigenetic and proteomic studies.

Study Of Glucose Metabolism In Indian Subjects With Pre-Diabetes

This study will provide the launching pad for extensive future research by exploring physiological and mechanistic links between Pre-diabetes and Diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders which are anticipated to rise exponentially in India.

Metformin In Pre-Diabetes And Nafld- A Retrospective Audit

Prevalence of NAFLD is increasing in India and there is no consensus treatment for it. The study aims to analyse degree of improvement in NAFLD patients treated with and without Metformin. If Metformin improves NAFLD, it will be easily available, cost effective therapy with minimal side effects.